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Spiritual Science is a program dedicated to your soul’s blueprint (design), so you can have the guidance and the empowerment tools to achieve holistic wellness and to manifest your visions.

Our program offers the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 wellness / coaching sessions with Sofia Moon and a health consultation with Dr. Maysa Alavi.



Together we will start a journey of reconnection with the elemental aspects of your existence. By understanding and integrating the different dimensions of your being, we will revise your relation to life and your connection to your own nature. We will also create a profound plan designed to meet your goals, by using a wholesome and integrative approach. 

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We invite you to tap into your gifts within and find the guidance towards your life's purpose. 

Sofia Moon

The private session with Sofia will offer you ways to connect with the center of your being. The session will help you to understand your human experience and work with it for your benefit and growth.

By acknowledging our shadow and recognizing the masks that we are wearing. By shedding those layers that are our biggest teachers and friends, we can learn how to dance with the different aspects of the self.  

Sofia will be accompanying you in the process of discovering your true self through:

  • Altars. Prayer. Ritual. Meditations. 
  • Ceremonies & Herbalism, among others.

More about Sofia Moon

Sophie is committed with the path of holistic wellness because she has been struggling with her health since she was a little girl. By the age of 7 she was diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlein purpura. A rare disease consisting of purple spots on the skin, joint pain, gastrointestinal problems, and a type kidney disorder. This illness is caused by an abnormal response of the immune system and it's not clear why this initially develops. 

At the age of 22 she had another episode of it, and on this occasion the doctors told her that she had a week of life, if she didn't start a steroid treatment. However, despite everything, she decided to embark on a path of natural self-healing and she decided to approach her immune system disorder with meditation and nutrition. 

After a shift in her lifestyle, she experienced in her flesh and bones the healing power of medicinal plants & herbs, and this experience changed her life forever. During her healing process she remember the nature of the one consciousness and the interconnection and interdependence between the being and nature. She remember her natural essence and was able to return to her connection with source. 

“When your immune system crashes, it takes time to come back into balance again, however it is possible with love and the right approach” 

During her life journey she has brought awareness, worked and overcome episodes of depression, illness and trauma from her past. Her healing practices are the result of years of study directly with plant medicine and nature. She has also been assisting in different traditions of the Americas working as a bridge for the gap between modern and ancient cultures. Her work with native tribes, elders and local communities is focused on being a messenger of their wisdom in an accessible way, to empower and remind people that we are all made of the same essence. 

Since 2011 she has traveled the world connecting, building communities, facilitating & producing wellness and spiritual retreats, ancestral gatherings, sustainable events, transformational festivals, among others bringing her vital energy into every moment and living always from the heart. In service to the benefit of all sentient  beings.

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"We'll explore how to build a relationship with the elements of nature in a deeper way, enhancing our connection to our own nature and our senses." 


Dr. Maysa Alavi


A consultation with Dr. Maysa Alavi is an evaluation of your whole health history. This includes a diagnosis of the root causes of your ailment, and a personalized treatment plan with actionable items to address the root cause. 

Treatment recommendations include: 

  • Targeted lifestyle recommendations
  • Nourishment and diet
  • Movement practices
  • Spiritual holistic practices. 
  • When needed: medications, supplements, medical labs, medical imaging (any supplement prescriptions will be emailed to you for easy ordering and will include a client discount at checkout)

More about Maysa Alavi

"Maysa Alavi, MD is a board-certified physician and nationally recognized practitioner in psychedelic therapies and integrative medicine, uniting cutting-edge Western science with Eastern wellness philosophies to heal both mind and body. She has studied at best-in-class institutions and organizations including The University of Southern California, University of Texas, UCLA, Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), and COMPASS Pathways. She is currently serving as a study-site physician and therapist for the MAPS phase 3 clinical trial investigating the use of MDMA assisted therapy for the treatment of PTSD.

She humanizes health care by developing trusted personal relationships with her clients, empowering them to understand the root causes of their dis-ease and helping them connect with their own “inner healing intelligence” for long-term wellness. This goes above and beyond typical “symptom management medicine” by identifying and bringing awareness to the issue’s origin and its perpetuating and mediating factors.

Dr. Maysa specializes in the groundbreaking field of psychedelic assisted therapies including Ketamine administration and infusions to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, addictions, substance use disorders, migraines, pain and other conditions. She helps clients prepare for and integrate their psychedelic experiences for lasting benefits, while supporting them through whatever arises in their sessions. Dr. Maysa works with clients to develop balanced healing plans that combine psychedelic therapies and genomic analysis with wellness approaches that nurture mental, spiritual, and emotional health like breathwork, meditation, yoga, stress reduction, nutrition, guided visualizations and sleep optimization. She is certified to offer IV infusions to help clients quickly restore symbiosis within the body and further applies her in-depth knowledge of traditional and indigenous plant medicines by advising clients on the safe and appropriate usage of marijuana, entheogens and other “mind-manifesting” medicines.” https://www.vahahealth.com/our-team/dr-maysa-alavi/

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