Spiritual Science - Reconnecting with Nature 

Weave with us - Tejete con nosotras

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Sofia Moon

We will design a program dedicated to your blueprint, and accompany you in having the guidance empowerment and tools to achieve it.

This program will take you on a journey of reconnection with the elemental aspects of your existence, we will journey together through every element we are made of and revize deeply our relation to life in all its forms.

You will regain a connection to your own nature, tap in to the gifts that you are here to shine with and find guidance towards your life's purpose through the process of rediscovering your true essence.

There will be ceremony and rituals that will be specifically designed for your journey as ways to tap in to your own nature

You will be reffered to different wisdom keepers and weavers based on your specific life map to accompany you in crafting your own path. 



Dr. Maysa

You will also have the opportunity to  complement this guided program with a health consultation with Dr. Maysa where Together we will craft a unique "Functional Prescription" that details the customized treatment plan we have discussed, as well as resources for your reference. This Prescription will be emailed to you after the visit and will address lifestyle recommendations related to sleep, nutrition, movement, and stress management, as well as recommended laboratory analysis, medications and supplements. Any supplement prescriptions will be emailed to you for easy ordering and will include a client discount at checkout.

Suscription with Sofia Moon for a 13 Month program with a call twice a month.

Registration with Dr.Maysa For a consultion with the full Personalized Plan for you. 

** P.S: with Dr Maysa we have limited capacity up to 4 people a month **